is a food passionate offering eat design consultancy in the areas of CULINARY ARTS, FOOD DESIGN and RESEARCH.

Services include consultancy, communication & marketing, graphic & web design, private cooking, project management, service design and workshops.

Join me with your topic and let’s explore what food can mean beyond the mere ingredient.

Food subsumes the air I breathe, the soil that grounds me, the pain I feel, my safe-place.

Short Bio

Fransisca Tan is an Austrian-based event manager and food experience designer with a background in cognitive sciences, communication & media and IT, who attempts to expose the phenomenology of food-related experiences through challenging the complexity of concepts such as perception, imagery, embodiment and emplacement in her cooking, writing and photography.

Her academic focus lies in the exploration of the role of human experiences, memories, narration and storytelling in everyday meaning making surrounding food, while her projects and collaborations, such as the Vienna Food Festival, or Data Cuisine, attempt to see typical food-related concepts through the lens of design and art.