Food subsumes the air I breathe, the soil that grounds me, the pain I feel, my safe-place.

If you are wondering what food experience design is, don’t worry, you are not alone in this: I do too, every munching moment of my life!

Work & Services

Chances are you encountered me personally or heard of my work by word of mouth. This usually speaks for itself, as I do not provide plug & play “services”. Rather, I want you to consider me a companion on this joint adventure to improve your business, develop or restructure your concept, or bring your innovative idea to realization!

Note that my projects do not exclusively focus on the topic of food. I work on a range of interdisciplinary collaborations, just make sure you are okay with windboggling lunches and food talk during decadent coffee breaks 😉


On this website you will find a selection of my work categorized by three themes: CULINARY ARTS,  FOOD DESIGN & RESEARCH

Services include project managementworkshops & moderation, communication & marketing, graphic & web design, private cooking, project management, service design and everything that places the human experience back into focus where it belongs!

Let’s explore what food can mean beyond the mere ingredient.

Short Bio

Fransisca Tan is an Austrian-based event manager and food experience designer with a background in cognitive sciences, communication & media and IT, who attempts to expose the phenomenology of food-related experiences through challenging the complexity of concepts such as perception, imagery, embodiment and emplacement in her cooking, writing and photography.

Her academic focus lies in the exploration of the role of human experiences, memories, narration and storytelling in everyday meaning making surrounding food, while her projects and collaborations, such as the Vienna Food Festival, Data Cuisine or the Social Business Restaurant KANTINE in der Brotfabrik attempt to see typical food-related concepts through the lens of design and art.