Workshop Day 1: Tue, June 25th (10:00-17:00)
#1: Why Pungency is an Internal Pleasure: Kimchi-Shiatsu Workshop with Maya Minder and Niki Flierman
#2 Grounding & Sensory Exploration by Fransisca Tan and Serena Lee

Workshop Day 2: June 26th (11:00-20:00)
#3: Crafting Scents and Preserving Moments with Fransisca Tan
#4 Tofubodyology: Tofu-making and Calisthenics Workshop with He Shen and Mary Maggic 

Workshop Day 3: JUne 27th
#5 Anonymity Workshop by Venuri Perera (2pm)

Fotocredit: Lynn Chiu

=== Der Kunstsalon im FLUCC

Thu, 27th June 2024
4 pm – Sticky Picnic at Prater / Self-organized BYOS (Bring Your Own Stickiness)
7 pm – Roundtable “Sticky Sharing” with Maya Minder, He Shen, Fransisca Tan, and Mary Maggic: Four practitioners from different fields, such as art and science, bio-hacking, architecture, and gastronomy, will share their experiments with fermented foods to exchange the subversive potential of stickiness.
8:30 pm – K&K (Kitchen & Karaoke) with MC Gerard Rabara: Enjoy a karaoke party with various Asian sticky fermented foods that are collectively made during the workshops on previous days, such as kimchi, tofu, kudzu dessert, rice cakes, and more!
10pm – 1am – DJ set by Hotpotposse


Fotocredit: @mai.ling.vienna