Slippery Grounds
at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie

For the book launch of Amazonies Spatiales, we created edible landscapes, connecting to the central theme of envisioning forward-looking stories around our relationship to the universe.

“Slippery Grounds”
Imaginations on how our food consumption transforms our terrestrial existence. By the act of daily eating we are sculpting our landscapes. A collective of international Eatartists propose food speculations and gestures of eating in unfamiliar terrains. Maya Minder together with Romain Descombes, Lei Saïto, and Fransisca Tan are creating a somatic food experience, combining storytelling and fiction for “Amazonies Spatiales”.

– Maya Minder (CH) – Artist and Researcher
– Romain Descombes (FR) – Food Designer & Caterer
– Lei Saïto (JP) – Paysagiste culinaire
– Fransisca Tan (AT) – Food Experience Designer & Creative Producer

Fotocredits: Quentin Chevrier


Hydrosphere (Oceanography)
seaweed ceviche on chicory leaves • wakame salad  • faux coqui st.jacque with rhubarb chutney  • probiotic blue cabbage  • kimchi  • fresh spirulina and savory sables • pulpo • edible bioplastic

Lithosphere (Minerals & Geology)
goat cheese with caroube crumbles • black rice mountain with nori flakes • herb butter • grilled whole carrots • charcoal brioche • full grain crackers • black bean cream

Biosphere (Organic Matter & Biodiversity)
black humus • edible soil • sauce neophyte • pickled mushrooms •  probiotic carrots • braised broccoli & cauliflower • sprouts • puntarelle • chicory • treviso • curly endive

Stratosphere (Clouds & Weather)
barbapapa, merangue, lemon cream, pine sprout candies

Exosphere (Speculations on Outer Space)
green grape praline • avocado cream • granny smith apples • assemblage of exotic fruit