Science Communicator

Knowledge Facilitator for Wissensraum by Science Center Netzwerk.

New European Bauhaus Festival

We were very honoured to have been hand-selected as exhibitor for the very first New European Bauhaus Festival that was held in Brussels from June 09-12th 2022. Thus,…

Food Design Nation Ambassador

FOOD DESIGN NATION is an international community working together to design better futures of food. Feel free to get in touch for collaborations throughout the FDN citizen network.


Flavour of Compassion | Vienna Biennale 2021

An artistic research project for the Vienna Biennale 2021. Winner of the Wirtschaftsagentur Creative Challenge.

© Urska Golob & Fransisca Tan. Bubble Offerings. An homage to the complexity, vulnerability and magic of both social and edible bubbles that pop up throughout life.

Ujusansa Family Surf

Food shapes or everyday life, we do eat around 3 meals a day and spend most of our wake hours thinking, preparing or consuming food. Working with the…

Phangan Community Garden ไร่วิถีพงัน

[pronounced “Rai Vhiti Phangan”] During the Pandemic I had the honour to be part of a community project in Koh Phangan, Thailand. We started as a Food Emergency…

Brotfabrik Wien

Deputy chairwoman to the arts & cultural association “Kunst- & Kulturverein Brotfabrik Wien” from 2017-2020. These 17.000 squaremeters of this former bread factory is home to numerous galleries,…

#MTF MusicTechFest

MusicTechFest is the global festival of innovation. Featuring cutting edge performance, music hacking, showcases that connect artists, technologists and business in a vibrant environment. Unique collaborations, future technology,…

KANTINE in der Brotfabrik

#socialbusiness#restaurant?! been there, done that! It’s been a blast KANTINE in der Brotfabrik . 💪❤️ From 2016 to 2018 I’ve been busy with my second family @kantinebrotfabrik. It was a job market…

2016: International Food Design Conference & Studio

@ Otago Polytech, Dunedin, New Zealand Talk and Workshop on ‘Food & Visualising Data’.

Vienna Food Festival

As Co-Founder of the Vienna Food Festival and Vienna Food Week I was head of project management as well as curator and moderator to the food & eat…