Imagine a future where compassion is perceived, even evoked, through food (design). Does it have a flavour? And if yes, what taste, smell, color, shape or texture does it have? Would this influence society, change the attitudes and consumption (of food)? How would we interact in a culture where compassion is acknowledged as the base of social sustainability – where it is interwoven in traditions in a way that we can detect and even cultivate compassion through our senses, as if it was as obvious as the actual taste of bittersweet (potential)?

an artistic research project by Urska Golob & Fransisca Tan

part of the Vienna Biennale 2021

winner of the Wirtschaftsagentur Creative Challenge

meditation I • coldness

How does compassion feel like, we ask ourselves. Just to arrive at the certainty how most of us describe the lack of it: c o l d & d i s t a n t. Think of the last you have (been) shown a “cold shoulder” – how did it feel like?
meditation II • melting

Coldness is m e l t i n g a w a y. Click, crackle, bubble it goes, as the colours flow and shapes disperse. Observe climate change, with a twist. Trust us, it is weirdly satisfying….
meditation III • sensoria

“Don’t play with your food”, they say. Well, you can guess what we think about that…


artist duo: Urska Golob & Fransisca Tan
film production: Fabian Gasperl & Roland Zygmunt

© Urska Golob & Fransisca Tan. Bubble Offerings. An homage to the complexity, vulnerability and magic of both social and edible bubbles that pop up throughout life.